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A brief history of TOENA


When was founded; staff and cooperators

Toena Publishing House started its activity on Janury 1993 with a staff of only 3 members. Today, its staff list is made up from over 30 staff members, as well as a wide range of collaborators (over 100) from the fields of Albanian culture, education and science.


How many titles does Toena publish? What kind of publications are they?

From the very first day of its foundation, Toena has published over 1000 books by the most renowned scholars of the scientific and university institutions, informative books, publications from the field of history and national heritage, methods for teaching foreign languages, dictionaries of all kind, handbooks for the specialists and experts, Albanian and foreign fiction, and even several albums and maps. Rexhep Qosja, this senior personality, has granted Toena the exclusive right for publishing all his works in Albanian language. Toena publishes 60 books yearly as far as the books of children fiction is concerned. For the moment it publishes over 130 publications yearly: one book in 2-3 days.


Publishing of periodicals

Some years ago Toena started to publish the periodical Albanian Universe of Book as well as the informative bulletin Toena Publications. Very soon Toena will start to publish a cultural weekly newspaper.


Toena Printing House

Toena Publishing House has its own Printing House of modern parameters, one of the biggest and well equipped printing houses of Albania, with computerized preparations and all mechanized processes, with a capacity of about 160 000 typographical pages per hour.



Toena Publishing House also undertakes the distribution of the books published. By means of transport and staff it makes possible the distribution of its publications not only throughout Albania, but also in some of the main cities of Europe, mainly in those in which the number of emigrants is greater. For this reason, below you will find the addresses of some of the main distribution centers at home and abroad.


International Book Fairs

From the very first day of its foundation, Toena Publishing House participates regularly in many international book fairs, such as: Frankfurt (October), Geneva (May), Bologna (April), Torino (May), Paris (March), Brussels (April), Gothenburg (September), Sofia (November), Skopje (April) etc. In this way it is made possible the promotion throughout the world of the Albanian authors and the distribution of their works in the places in which Albanians live.


Pan-Albanian Book Fairs

Toena Publishing House is a permanent participant in all the events concerning book which take place in Albania and other Albanian regions. Toena's General Director, Mr. Fatmir Toçi, who is also the Chairman of Albanian Publishers Association, is one of the main organizers of pan-Albanian book fairs of Tirana (December), Prishtinë (May), Tetovo (October), and some of the main towns of Albania.