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The publishing catalogue for 2002-2007



The catalogue that you are holding is planed, formulated and arranged in such a way that those who are interested may provide full and detailed information for all the books included in it. This catalogue makes a full presentation of the books that were published from 31 October 2005 until 1 November 2006 classified being based on their kind and genre.


Included you will also find biographical and bibliographical notes of the most renowned writers, historians, political writers published by TOENA Publishing House during this year. There are one hundred and fifty publications as well as many other new editions.


The qualified staff of TOENA and the efforts from their side has aimed at achieving the highest international publishing standards. TOENA is unified with the guaranty for the indisputable quality for its authors as well as for its innumerable readership. Its publications are comparable with the best publications all over the world, regarding not only the esthetic appearance, but also the quality of selection, and the variety of themes.


albanian artistic literature

Vjollca Hysenbegas
The bibliography of literature translated into Albanian (1944-2000)
Nafiz Bezhani
Sinners 1 and Sinners 2 contain interesting spying events that happened during the communist dictatorship in Albania.
Ymer Nurka
Neki Dredha

foreign literature

Patrick Ravignant
Patrik Ravinjan, a famous researcher and specialist of the historical period of Napoleon, discovered by chance in Africa, his Secret Diary.
Robert d'Angely
In this book is solved the enigma of the origin of the people and language of the Pelazgs, Arianits, Hitits, Helens, Etruskes, Greek and Albanian.
Fridrih Dyrrenmat
Andre Morua
The main character of this novel is Valentine, an orphan girl who is employed in a fashion house and has intimate relationship with the industrialist Martin Bysier, a married man with children.

methods and dictonary

Hektor Harizaj
This dictionary is compiled being based on the structure of the environmental multilingual dictionary GEMET, compiled under the special care of European Agency of Environment in Copenhagen.
Hasan Çipuri
This is a completed book for learning the Serbian language individually.
Benedikt Dema
In the work "Dictionary of rare words of Albanian language", the author, At Benedikt Dema, by this work which lasted many years, he has given a full work: The dictionary contains lexicological units that are not found in the "Albanian Language Dictionary" of 1954 (remount words).
Barbara Colonna
Myths are a treasure of humanity that exist in all nations and cultures. Warriors, gods, satire, demons, nymphs, monsters, elves, giants and dwarfs, are all placed in a dictionary that lists them and explains their meaning, history and symbols.

political writing

Memories of the author about the regime of Stalin in Russia
Nexhat Agolli
Nexhat Agolli opens for the readership the great door of the world of art, by writing about events, experiences and emotions from the life of artists.
Sulejman Abazi
This book is a soundful knock in the consciousness of those that have undertaken to lead the Albanian nation on the brilliant way to the difficult processes of achieving national independence.
Sami Kapaj


Nasip Meçaj
Irakli Mitro
A complete text, which informs us about the Mediterranean geographical position, climate and tourist places.
Richard Clogg
This book is part of a serial of Cambridge "compendious histories" and gives a compendious and illustrated presentation of modern history of Greece, starting from the very beginning of the national move of the 18th century, up to nowadays.
Ali Xhakaj
Historical study

Monography, diary, memories

Raq Paskal
Work and family memories of the author.
Ferit Këputa
Kristaq Shtëmbari
Areteo Konomi
Memories of a pilot, written for the doctor Petro Cani.


Hodo Çelo
Universitety of Tirana
In this book it is included the 50 year history of the Medical Faculty (1952 2002),
Andrea Gudha
Alketa Koroshi
For the compilation of this book are used the best achievements of the modern medical literature, such as publications, magazines and treatises, the discipline of nephrology.


Abaz Hoxha
In this encyclopedia are included specialists of different fields
This book is the key to the Albanian Cinematography


Koço Zheku
Album with the information regarding the works of the medieval painters from Korça, Konstandin and Athanas Zografi
The institute of Folk Culture
This album (Albanian English) is the second of the five volumes of this serial.
Albanian academy of sciences
This great work is part of the serial "Cultural heritage of the Albanin people", which is published under the special care of Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Albania.
Botimet Toena
This is an easy-to-read volume and contains a compressed format which includes reproduction of the masterpieces of all times.


Seimen Gjokoli
Naxhi Kasoruho
Shpëtim Dajçi
Dhora Leka


Modern art of cooking for every family
Over 400 recipes with a guaranteed success, for every case and taste.
The encyclopedy of Mediterranean cuisine
This book offers a full package of the traditional recipes that have their origin from the Mediterranean: Italy, South France, Spain, North Africa, Middle East, Greece, Albania and other countries of the Balkans.


The Europe road atlas of 2003 2004, in the scale 1 to 8 000 000
Isuf Zeneli
This general atlas of zoology provides information about the problems of morphology, anatomy...

other books

Mimoza Hafizi , Kastriot Islami
Feti Borova
Those who are interested in basketball will find in this book the history of this sport, rules of the game
Aleksandër Bojaxhi
A didactic method in which every teacher and educator will be provided with professional skills
The institute of Public & legal Studies
This low ratifies the principles that guide the administration within the framework of its relationship with the citizens


Rami Memushaj
The book is divided in four parts: The art of writing, grammatical rules, writing and punctuations.
Nazif Saraçi
The world, the society, the man in this book are seen with the eye of the philosopher and the psychologist, offering to the reader a work that will emphasize even more this passion
Brunilda Zllami
The book deals with the story of a girl who fights with all her strength to bring back the love which she thinks has lost. This is a cause to find out many intrigues, pure love stories, betrayals, fun and everything that takes place in a city of young people.
Paulo Coelho
Eleven minutes narrates the story of Maria, a young girl from the suburns of Brazil, which is broken-hearted by her first experience. That is why although she is a young girl she fears that she is never going to find love.

artistic literature for childrens

mini fairy tales (minipërralla)
The serial of translated short fairy tales, is a new serial with special paper and bookbinding
Fairy Tales for everyone (Peralla per te gjithe)
Short narratives (Tregime të shkurtra)
Short narratives with bunnies, dogs, kittens and puppies