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Rami Memushaj
The book is divided in four parts: The art of writing, grammatical rules, writing and punctuations.
Nazif Saraçi
The world, the society, the man in this book are seen with the eye of the philosopher and the psychologist, offering to the reader a work that will emphasize even more this passion
Brunilda Zllami
The book deals with the story of a girl who fights with all her strength to bring back the love which she thinks has lost. This is a cause to find out many intrigues, pure love stories, betrayals, fun and everything that takes place in a city of young people.
Paulo Coelho
Eleven minutes narrates the story of Maria, a young girl from the suburns of Brazil, which is broken-hearted by her first experience. That is why although she is a young girl she fears that she is never going to find love.
Diana Çuli
A man wants to kill his wife and ends up in a terrible adventure; a journalist who is in love after an uncompleted dream which she follows throughout the world.
Fatos Kongoli
An extraordinary book, in which the author reaches the peak of his prose. A love story which appears in three generations, an encounter full of questions and unknown things of the new millennium, an effort to be relieved from the pain of the past.