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Philosophy, psichology, sociology

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Jashar Demiri
An open book for those who are interested to know more
Li Hongzhi
What is the Law of Buddha? Is it a religion? Is it a philosophy?
Nazim Shtino
The author presents in this book the aspect of dangerous psychical diseases of society and their psychiatric and judicial valuation
Apostol Lira
The development of problems in this book is made in 8 groups, according to the phase of the individual life of human
Samuel Enoch Stumpf
This volume is divided in two parts: The first part is a history of West philosophy, while the second one contains writings which deal with the fundamental problems of philosophy.
Different Authors
It is a book that serves not only to the students of Sociology but also to every citizien.
Edmond Dragoti
The explanation of human and social behavior still draws the attention of the most known social psychologists of all times.
Nazif Saraçi
This book consists of the philosophy of Nazif Saraçi, one of the few Albanian philosophers.