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Alfred Moisiu

Alfred Moisiu is born in Shkodra on 01.12.1929. He is a laureate in the Academy of Military Engineering, in Moscow, on 1985.

Alfred Moisiu


Category: Political writing

ISBN: 99943 1 032 1

Publisher: Toena

Size: 13x20 cm

Pages: 188

Price: 520 lekė / 4,50 euro


About this Book

He had several functions in the leading organs of the Army. He has been the deputy minister of Ministry of Defense during the period of time 1981-1982. In the technical government of the year 1991-1992 he has served in post of the Minister of Defense. Since 1994-2002 he has been the president of the Albanian Association of Atlantic and has given his valuable assistance for the solution of the security problems and peace in the region of Balkans. On 24.06.2002, he was elected as the President of the Republic of Albania, a post which he still is in charge of. He holds the title Doctor of Military sciences. He was honored with medals and tittles of honor, among which there are distinguished: The decoration of Scanderbeg, II Class; The decoration of Saint Michael (given by the Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II); The decoration of Saint George (given by the Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II); He has published many pieces of writings, articles and studies on the Albanian and foreign press, for problems related to military art, the policy of defense, regional security and the events in Kosovo.


About the Author

This book includes selections of the writings, interviews and discussions of Mr. Alfred Moisiu that have taken place during international activities of Atlantic Association. The material consists mainly of pieces of writings that have been published in some of the press organs in Albania and Kosovo during 1998 and 1999, as well as an additional material provided by Mr. A. Moisiu. The main issues of this book are the problems of stability and peace, missions and challenges that NATO had to face in order not to allow the further expansion of the conflict coused by the regime of in the ex federation of Yugoslavia. The book also provides a considerable number of photos of Mr. Moisiu during the most important meetings with the representatives of NATO and other international organizations that have had a very important role in the issue of Kosove during 1998-1999.